Digital citizenship

"The transformation of netizens (users of the internet) to digital citizens is the process enabling people to interact more actively with each other, with businesses and the government. To buy & sell, to vote, to study, to be entertained, to pay and get paid in a safe and secured manner, to exchange all types of data. Generally, to be active members of the the digital society and the knowledge economy."
Lyubomir Minchev, Founder and CEO of TELELINK GROUP.
Entrepreneur, with a focus on strategy and business development.
Serves as member of the Board of Directors at Endeavor Bulgaria.

Gaining trust in the digital society – tools, methods and best practices
– Is it possible to drive all the EU member states and close the economic gap with regulations in shaping the “new” digital society of united Europe?!
– Building blocks of the digital society – current stage and future horizons
– Is it necessary to create widespread adaptation of digitization in order to incentivize the people to engage?

with the participation of:

Maik Pogoda

Maik Pogoda

CEO OpenLimit SignCubes AG
Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley

EMEA Industry Director, VMware Inc.