“We live in a world of fast changing cross border digital media reality. The media landscape is increasingly built on multichannel and multiplatform foundations. Going forward, the challenge of digital media will be in development of data technology, data science, machine learning algorithms, etc. and at the same time in producing the highest and most professional content.”
Didier Stoessel,
Chief Executive Officer of Nova Broadcasting Group
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nova Broadcasting Group
“Today’s media landscape has reversed the traditional paradigm of top-down media. Content is no longer king – it’s the user who is king. Thanks to the cornucopia of online content, user attention is the new oil and only companies that can adapt quickly to consumer expectations will remain relevant.”

MARCIN OLENDER – Public Policy and Government Relations Manager Central and Eastern Europe, Google


Transforming the world of traditional media into a digital media multiplatform stage
– How can traditional media players respond to new digital media reality at a time when every person is capable of generating content and become media themselves?
– How can we can increase the performance of TV on digital platforms, while creating competitive and better quality digital first content at the same time?
– How can we increase the reach to data management technologies, in order to improve our digital media performance – content and advertisement wise?
– How can we increase trust in digital media (both in terms of content quality and advertisement results) and provoke users to recognize credible brands among fake news ones at a time when more and more people gather their information from social media, where one can find a little bit of everything?

with the participation of:

Dr. Janet Zaharieva

Dr. Janet Zaharieva

Chief Regulatory Adviser to the Managing Board, BTC ЕAD