Finance and Technology

“EU finance sector is going through a transformative change. It is part about disruption, part about competition and increasingly about partnership and innovation”
Vanya Manova, Country Manager Bulgaria and Macedonia, Mastercard
Accountable for the development and implementation of Mastercard’s local business strategy
“Shadow banks or financial inclusion? As the nature of investment advice, financial intermediation, and even currency changes, we will need to revisit our ideas about regulation, risk, and competition.”

Ivaylo Iaydjiev, Researcher, Oxford University

“To make Europe the preferred destination for starting and growing a business in the financial sector, we need harmonised legislation which incentivises innovation and use of new technologies but also minimises risks for customers.”

Eva Maydell – MEP

Finance and Technology How digital is changing the financial sector?
The world of finance and financial services is changing for the better. From an exclusive club reserved for few, it opens its doors to new untraditional players. Innovation becomes the ultimate recipe for success. The road ahead is digital.

with the participation of:

Jason Lane

Jason Lane

Executive Vice President, Market Development Europe, Mastercard
Mr. Filip Mutafis

Mr. Filip Mutafis

Member of the Management Board of BASSCOM
Managing Partner and Investor in Paysera Bulgaria
Ivo Gueorgiev

Ivo Gueorgiev

Co-founder and Chairman Paynetics